Paradise Beach and Island, Pondicherry – Paradise in True Sense!

It was around 1:15 in the afternoon when our boat reached Paradise Beach. But I was no more hungry or felt the tropical heat enamoured with the beautiful scene that laid in front of me.  Morning glories swayed in the salty ocean breeze. Vintage looking lamp posts stood aesthetically by the enchantingly bluish backwaters. Two horses were grazing at a green patch nearby creating a postcard-like scene.  The crashing of the waves and the squawking of the seagulls came flowing with the wind. A thought just crossed my mind – if this is not paradise, then what is?

Paradise Island
Picture-perfect, is n’t it?
Morning glory by the beach
Forever in love with flowers🙂 
Paradise beach, Pondicherry
And here comes the beautiful beach

About Paradise Beach and Island

Paradise beach is probably  the cleanest and the prettiest beach in all of Pondicherry. This stunning white sand beach is isolated from the main town by the backwaters and provides unparalleled views and a very tranquil surrounding. At one side, there is the endless blue sea merging with the sky at the horizon and then the serene backwaters rippled in the sea breeze at the other. Even the boat ride to the island over the backwaters is very scenic with a thick canopy of green at both sides. 

This is a perfect place if you are looking for a break from the regular city attractions and want to spend a day or half relaxing and soaking in the beauty of nature. You can simply lie down in the shade of a hut and read a book or take long leisure walks in the soft white sand. The charming surroundings of the island provide perfect photo opportunities too. 

The backwater and and all that green – Simply blissful
View of backwaters and paradise beach
My favourite spot
Paradise beach
Lets get in to the water
Balloon fish
A balloon fish washed up ashore

Reaching Paradise Beach

In order to reach paradise beach, you need to take a ferry from Chunnambar Boat House. The boat house is approximately 6-7 kilometres from the main town and can either be reached by cab, auto or rented bike. Parking facility (paid) is available near the boat house. Both speedboat and regular boats are available. Unless you are in a group, take the shared boats which are cost effective. You can come back from the island on any of the boats returning at the time.

Cost: 350 per person on shared boat (includes both way)

The jetty at Chunnambar Boat House
The jetty at Chunnambar Boat House

Pro Tips:

  • Visit the island on a weekday to avoid crowd. 
  • Try to catch the return boat just before the sunset to enjoy the sunset views over the backwater. Believe me, it feels absolutely surreal.

Know before you go

  1. Timing for visit – 9am to 6pm – Confirm about the timing of the last boat to and from the island before visiting.  No one is allowed to stay on the island after evening.
  2. The water at this beach has strong currents, so swimming is not recommended. But you can always dip your legs or bathe in the shallow area near to the shore.
  3. Changing room with shower is available at the beach, but not sure if operating during Covid as we did not use the facility. 
  4. Few beach shacks are available with limited food options. Otherwise, there is a restaurant near the Chunnambar Boat House for lunch / snacks.
  5. Carry your own food and enough water if you are planning to stay longer at the beach. 
  6. Do not forget your sunglass as the area is normally windy and the sand gets easily into the eyes.

This hands down is one of the most beautiful beaches we have visited so far. So do not miss a visit to Paradise Beach on your trip to Pondicherry. If you have any other queries, do let us know in the comments.

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