TDL Monastery Guest House, Dirang – A Distinctive Stay Experience

It was around 10 pm when we both opened our eyes to the dimly lit surrounding. The world around us, cloaked in serene stillness, was occasionally interrupted by the distant barking of a dog.  Above, stars twinkled in a satin black canvas with white clouds floating by. In front us, the courtyard flanked by neatly manicured trees led to the entrance of the imposing monastery. And behind it, the silhouette of majestic mountains loomed, their regal forms outlined against the night sky. Here, within the walls of Dirang Monastery, nature, architecture, and spirituality coalesced into an extraordinary tapestry.

Embraced by the meditative ambience, we had drifted into a trance, losing track of time. But as reality seeped in, gratitude surged within us for this profound experience. The opportunity to stay in the monastery guest house had opened doors into the spiritual realm that we had never imagined. And it still stands as a cherished highlight of our Arunachal Pradesh trip.

Night view of TDL Monastery
This is the view we opened our eyes to
Morning view of TDL Monastery
Early morning visit to the monastery

About TDL Monastery Guest House

The Guest House is part of Thupsung Dhargye Ling (aka TDL) Monastery. This is the new monastery of Dirang, perched on a hill and surrounded by towering mountains. The guest house is sprawled across the 1st and 2nd floor of the monastery complex. 

The guest house has 8 private rooms suitable for double occupancy.  Each room opens to a balcony, offering great views of Dirang valley as well as the surrounding hills. The rooms are capacious and have simple furnishings. All rooms are equipped with a comfortable bed, adequate blankets and comforters for winter, a table with a pair of chairs and a TV. The tiled bathroom has a western toilet, a wash basin, shower and a geyser. Overall, the accommodation is very comfortable and cost-effective. 

Room in TDL Monastery guest house
This was our room
Morning view from TDL Monastery Guest House
The balcony and the views

Booking and Tariff – TDL Monastery Guest House

Booking accommodation in the guest house can only be done by calling their designated contact number. It is not available on any of the online platforms.  Alternatively, you can get in touch with MyNortheast Tours and Travels who can help with the booking. I am providing both numbers below.

  • TDL Monastery Guest House: 07640869686
  • My Northeast Tours and Travels (Rahul): 8399969227


  • INR 1800 + GST for double occupancy without breakfast
  • INR 2000 + GST for double occupancy with breakfast


The guest house has a kitchen serving meals as well as tea, coffee and Maggi. The taste is good and prices are reasonable. While non-vegetarian dishes are not available (except egg), there are enough vegetarian options to choose from. They do not serve any local dishes though. 

The kitchen’s pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the dining area where you can savour your food with a view. Opening to charming mountain vistas, it provide the perfect setting for chai and Maggi. This is also accessible to people visiting the monastery and not only to the ones staying in the guest house.

Food and Tea at the guest house
Maggi, chai and this view – A perfect start to the day!

What we liked about our stay

Night view and solitude

The main reason we loved our stay at the guest house was the way it felt after sundown. As evening descended,  the whole place was transformed from a bustling tourist spot in to a sanctuary of solitude and spirituality.  If I said, the monastery was stunning in the day, then it looked purely magical at night. With no other soul around, we just settled down near the stares closing our eyes for a while and meditating. This experience is possible only when you stay in the guest house overnight.

It is not just the spiritual vibe, but also the night views that elevate the whole stay experience. From our room balcony, we could see the town lights at a distance like twinkling stars and the silhouette of the mountains surrounding us in the faint light. The stupa and garden below complemented by fluttering prayer flags and washed in the cool moonlight looked absolutely surreal. It felt like being in a different world where everything was designed carefully for a wholesome experience, a place with the ability to heal even the most troubled minds.

Night view from TDL Monastery Guest House
View from the guest house balcony at night
Beautiful Monastery at Night
Monastery at night. Magical is n’t it?

Early morning vibes

Staying in the guest house offers another unique advantage: exclusive access to the monastery in the morning before tourists flock in. Bathed in the soft sunlight, the monastery truly looks like the divine abode of the Gods. Inside, the absence of people allowed us to appreciate the intricate details and the sacred ambience.  If you are an early riser, do not miss the mass prayer of the monks that transforms the whole atmosphere. 

Morning view of the Monastery
Monastery in the morning light
Inside TDL Monastery
Inside the monastery, before anyone else arrived
View from the Monastery
Morning views from the monastery. Look at the beauty!

Additional Pointers

  • This is an economical guest house run by a handful of people and not a commercial hotel. So do not expect luxury or service at the same level. Let’s say, you are in the mood for some tea. Then you need to go to the kitchen, order it and bring it to your room. As per dinner, they send it to the room. 
  • We found the staff of the guest house quite helpful. The young boy who helped us with the luggage was a very humble fella and always catered to the requests with a smile.
  • No smoking or drinking is allowed in the guest house premises. 
  • They do provide accommodation and food for the driver without additional charges.

For us, TDL Monastery Guest House was not merely a place to rest our heads for the night; It also provided the means to connect with nature and our inner selves. This was an experience like no other and will stay in our hearts forever. We genuinely wish for you to encounter the magic of this enchanting place and relish it as we did during our trip. 

Drop us a comment if you liked this blog or have any queries on the stay. For more details on our Arunachal Experience, refer the other blogs here.

Note: All prices mentioned in this blog are valid as of Nov 2023

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