Making the best of your time at home with these simple home decor ideas

It has been a year since this pandemic started and 8 full months since most of us have been confined to the walls of our home. Whether going out with  friends or family for a meal or taking the kids to the park or even celebrating special occasions at our favourite places – everything has come to a halt in this time. And honestly, none of us know when it is going to end too. So does it mean we give up on all of the things that make us happy? I say, No. 

Since Home is the place we now spend most of our time at, we decided to break the monotony and come up with ideas that make our home an even happier place. And creating cute little corners using existing things at home was definitely one of them. Whether it is anniversary or birthday or even weekend date evenings – we have used simple home decors to make the best of this time at home. And let me tell you, the experience has been so great and fulfilling that now it has become a part of our life. 

So here are a few tips and pictures to help you have a great time at home with some do it yourself modest home decors.

Things you need to create these decorative corners

It could be very overwhelming when you look at the home decor items in a shop or on any of the sites online. Even though you may feel tempted to buy a lot of things, we recommend not to hoard items at home unless very necessary. As I said before, you can create beautiful spaces at home with very minimal items and many of those could be your regular use things. Here are a few items that could help you transform the corners of your home.

  • For floor seating arrangements – a mattress (single preferable) and bed sheet (you can use your regular bed sheets ) or a Rug, few cushions of different sizes (again your regular sofa cushions will do). 
  • A couple of cushion covers of different colours that you can use interchangeably
  • Fairy Lights (a must) for evening setups
  • Few Decorative Items such as dreamcatchers, wall hangings etc (You can always use the ones that you already have)
  • Scented candles (optional)
  • A serving tray or board for keeping the food or drinks (Again use the ones you already have)
  • House plants (optional) if you have any

The same items can be used in different ways to make multiple setups. If you look at the pictures going forward, you would see we have used the same cushion covers, bed sheets, mandala print beach towel, door curtains, dream catcher and other things in almost all the setups. 

We have always found Amazon and Home Centre to be great options for buying home decor items at reasonable prices.

Here are the amazon links of a few items we have used in our various home decor setups.

Home decor ideas for weekend date evenings 

If you know us for sometime, then you may already know that both of us love going on dates and spending time with each other. So here are a few setups we did at home for our weekend date evenings. 

Date evenings definitely demand romantic and cosy setups. And the key deciding factors in this are the lights and the colours used. Use minimal light (smart bulbs could help you achieve this) and throw in some fairy lights to add that dreamy feeling. Another important thing is colour – the right use of colour always brings in that extra charm to the setup. So try using a colourful bed sheet with some cushions (and a throw if available) that provide the much needed contrast. Vibrant decorative items such as a dreamcatcher are also perfect add-ons. Add some scented candles and light music and voila! Your date decor is ready.

Home Decor Idea 1 – In Balcony

This decor done in our balcony has garnered the love of most people on Instagram and has been shared and saved by thousands of people. But as you see it’s a very simple arrangement and does not have anything fancy. We have used lot of plants in this to get that soothing and relaxing vibe. Also, used our Mandala print beach towel instead of a traditional bed sheet since we wanted to create something simple yet quirky. 

Items Used

  • A maroon printed Rug
  • A Single Mattress
  • Mandala Print Beach Towel
  • A braided round placemat
  • Few Cushions
  • Fairy Lights
  • A bamboo placemat
  • A Colourful Dreamcatcher
  • A bird’s nest decorative piece
  • Plants

Home Decor Idea 2 – In Balcony

This time we used the same corner in the balcony, but wanted it to be a little more cosier. So we squeezed the space by adding extra plants in the front.

Items Used

  • A furry rug as base
  • Single bed sheet
  • Mustard coloured throw
  • Fairy lights
  • Few Cushions
  • A Colourful Dreamcatcher
  • Plants
  • Decorative hangings

Home Decor Idea 3 – Near the wall in the living room

This one we recently created in our living room area. The weather is really nice and cool in Bangalore now-a-days and we wanted to spend the evening snug and warm with some tea and cuddles🙂 

Items Used

  • A maroon printed rug
  • A single mattress
  • Bed sheet
  • A blue coloured throw
  • Couple of cushions
  • Fairy lights
  • A tray with Tea Kettle and Kulhad styled tea cups
  • A Fiddle Fig plant
  • A wooden stand with home house plants

Home decor ideas for movie nights

Movie night setups are the easiest and you can quickly make them without much items. A rug or mattress with a few cushions and fairy lights should do the magic. Keep the light low and try to use items of similar shades. We recommend using pastels and furry cushions (if available, otherwise use single coloured cushions) to create that mellow atmosphere.

Home Decor Idea 1 – Near the balcony door

Did this movie night set up near the balcony door as it was suitable to create the canopy here. Got many questions on Instagram on where did we buy the canopy from🙂. But this is actually made using 2 door curtains. You just need a rope and 2 corners to tie its ends parallel to the floor and then hang the curtains from it. Tuck in the lower ends of the curtains under the mattress and your canopy is ready.

Canopy can never go wrong. Though we made it for our movie night, you can also make such setups for your kid’s birthday or play date or even for spending a rainy day with a book and some coffee.

Items Used

  • A single Mattress
  • A bed sheet
  • 3 x 5 feet off white rug
  • Mandala print beach towel (placed over the rug to add that perfect dash of colour)
  • Few Cushions
  • A small Dreamcatcher 
  • 2 paper made butterfly door hangings for decoration
  • Multi coloured fairy light
  • A small wooden table
  • A Terracotta lamp
  • A tray with tea cups

Home Decor Idea 2 – In the living room

This one is our favourite decoration till date and we loved spending time here. Originally made for the movie night, it later became the place for our Uno games and evening tea. Even it felt so good that we kept sleeping here until we removed it after 3 days🙂 

Items Used

  • A queen size mattress
  • A light pink bed sheet
  • A Couple of fuzzy cushions
  • An embroidered shawl
  • Fairy lights
  • House plants
  • Small wooden table
  • A pink faux fur cloth
  • Decorative cage with a scented candle
  • A bamboo placemat to keep the food

Special Occasions Decor

Brighten up your special occasions and make them more exciting by creating these pretty spaces at home.

Birthday Setup in the living room

This one was done on my birthday this year. We again used our living room space to create it. As you can see in the picture, I have used a Pink coloured embroidered shawl (instead of a throw) to add that subtle toe of vibrance as well as to hide the base of the plant 🙂 . So you can be creative and use different things in your setup other than the traditional decor items.

Items Used

  • A single mattress
  • A bed sheet
  • 3 x 5 feet off white rug
  • A small wooden table (Shawl placed on it)
  • An embroidered shawl (an alternative of throw)
  • Bright coloured cushions
  • A colourful dreamcatcher
  • Fairy lights
  • Scented candles
  • A decorative cage with candle
  • A serving board
  • Some rose petals
  • Fiddle Fig plant

Anniversary Setup near the window of the living room

This is the 1st ever set up we created at home on our anniversary. This canopy was done near the window of our living room. This was a pretty small set up where we used very minimal things.

Items Used

  • A single mattress
  • A printed bed sheet
  • 12 x 12 inch cushions
  • 2 door curtains to create the canopy
  • Fairy lights (always 🙂 )
  • A simple glass vase with my favourite flowers (Lillies)
  • A small low height stool covered in the table cloth

That is all from our end on decors. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Do try these at home and let us know how it turns out in the comments below. To see more such pictures and ideas on decors, check out our handle on Instagram.

While we are sure you will have a great time at home making use of these home decor ideas, give our travel guides a read here once you decide to hit the road and recharge yourself amidst nature.

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