A Romantic Escapade at Anantya Resorts, Kanyakumari

Valentine day was nearing and this time we wanted to spend it somewhere quiet and romantic, yet offbeat. In short, an outlying  place with creature comforts was all our hearts craved for. No attraction hopping, no schedules, just ensconce in an idyllic setting and indulge in luscious experiences. So after some research and consideration, we decided on Anantya Resorts in Kanyakumari district. The resort with its distinct experiences and gorgeous location seemed perfect for a romantic escapade.

The swing at Anantya Resorts
Swings in the lake, yes please🙂 

About Anantya Resorts

Anantya Resorts is located by the gorgeous Chittar Lake in Kaliel Village of Kanyakumari district. Around 65 kms away from the main Kanyakumari town, the resort is a verdant oasis enwreathed with lush greenery and quietude.  With an infinity pool overlooking the lake and hills, cycling paths flanked by towering trees and undulating views all around – this place makes for the perfect getaway for the experiential traveler. 

The resort has become quite popular on social media recently due to their creatively crafted experiences. The most popular ones being the floating breakfast or a beautifully designed Love Nest overlooking the stunning lake which are one of their kind in India. 

Chittar Lake
My favourite spot at the resort. So picturesque!

Getting to Anantya Resorts

By Air: Trivandrum is the nearest airport located approx. 45-50 Kms away from the resort. By cab, it takes around 1.5 hours to reach the resort from airport.

By Train: The nearest Railway station is Kuzhutarai/Kulitturai which is approx. 20 Kms from the resort. You can also take a train to Trivandrum or Nagercoil Railway Stations which are a little farther, but better connected with other cities.

By Road: The resort is also well connected by Road and driving through the district is a lovely experience.

Picking the right room or package

Anantya Resort  has cottages and Villas sprawled by the lakeside under a lush canopy. Each of the cottages and villas are tastefully designed and cater to different budget needs. But if you are ready to splurge a bit, then we definitely recommend choosing one of their signature pool villas. These villas provide utmost privacy, have a private pool overlooking the lake and an outdoor Jacuzzi to spend languorous evenings. The rooms are  commodious and well equipped. Also, you can enjoy views of the lake and pool from your bed itself.

The resort provides many experiential  activities such as Floating Breakfast and Romantic dinner set ups which are individually chargeable. At the same time, they also provide tailored packages for couples and families inclusive of stay, all meals and experiences. Since there are no other places to eat nearby or any attractions as such to visit, you will be spending all your time at the resort. This is where choosing a package becomes fairly convenient as the resort takes care of everything for you and you enjoy your time nonchalantly. 

Pool Villa of Anantya Resorts
The pool villa
Anantya Resorts room
This is how our room greeted us 🙂

Things to do / experience at Anantya Resorts

Floating Breakfast

Floating Breakfast had forever been in my bucket list. But I knew it was a thing only in Bali or Maldives. So when a random scroll though Instagram brought up a floating breakfast by lakeside in India, I was super ecstatic. And that is how Anantya Resorts made to my wish list. 

You can also opt for this sui generis experience when you stay at one of their private pool villas. This was part of our package and let me tell you the experience totally lived up to the hype. Relishing a sumptuous breakfast in the pool while the vast lake stretched in front of us glimmering under the morning sun – this I will say was the best part of our stay.

Floating Breakfast at Anantya Resorts
The famed floating breakfast
View from pool villa private pool
View from the private pool

Rubber Plantation Tour and Love Nest

The resort offers guided rubber plantation tour in the evening. And the guide Mr Anand makes this tour fun as well as informative. You get to know how rubber is produced, the lifecycle of the trees and the products created from it. Did you know the new leaves of the rubber trees contain honey? And this rubber honey is a product harvested during April-May time? 

The walk  through the plantation is also very refreshing with a shading canopy overhead and nothing but luxuriant foliage all around. The highlight of the tour is the Love Nest which is set beautifully overlooking the lake. The place exudes all kind of Bali Vibes and is perfect for some photographs. Smitten by the unadulterated views and the calmness of the place, we visited again the next morning. And it felt like a little piece of paradise with no one else around, just the birds and butterflies.

Rubber plantation
Rubber plantation
Love Nest of Anantya Resorts
We loved this love nest

Romantic Dinner

Do opt for the intimate private dinner if you are celebrating a special occasion. The pool or lakeside gazebo is decked up in fairy lights, rose petals and flickering lanterns manifesting the ideal ambience. A butler is assigned to take care of your every need, yet providing the much needed privacy. This was a very immersive experience and definitely uplifted the mood on the Valentines Eve. The dinner comes included if you are opting for the couples package.

Romantic Dinner Setup
Dinner setup

Gorgeous Pool Views

Facing the expansive lake, the signature infinity pool of the resort offers postcard perfect views. It provides just the right excuse to spend languid afternoons switching between a dip in the pool and relaxing on the loungers. 

Infinity pool at Anantya Resorts
Views from the infinity pool

Unwind at the Spa

The ayurvedic spa at Anantya provides an array of massage and treatments to choose from. We had one Spa session included in our package.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the session, especially the head massage. It is more of a minimalistic spa without much fancy. But the natural products and adept staff make it a satisfying experience.

Evening by the lake

What better place to spend the evening than the lakeside? As the sun slides towards the horizon, the placid lake with towering hills looks like a painting in the fading light. The water lapping against the shore stirred by the evening breeze creates a sound almost meditative. Grab a cup of tea and mellow out as the changing colour of the sky and the soothing breeze wash away all your worries.

This is not all. You can also opt for few other experiences like fishing or picnicking by the lakeside. Or just grab a cycle and spend the evenings cycling around the property.

Activities in Anantya Resorts - Cyling
Cycling was so much fun!
The cutest tea stall and this view for tea

Trip to Kanyakumari

Now since you had your fare share of relaxation, we highly recommend paying the main Kanyakumari town a visit. This can  be  done as a day trip from the resort. But Kanyakumari is the kind of place where a rushed visit does not do justice. So spend at least a night in the town to relish your time truly. The glorious sunrise, a visit to the Vivekananda Memorial and evening by the sea can help soothe even the most stressed mind.

Kanyakumari view
View of Kanyakumari city from Vivekananda Rock
View from Vivekananda Memorial

Know before you go

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the resort and would love to return. The location was perfect, the rooms were neat and comfy, and the swimming pool was kept impeccably clean. The staff were nice and experiences were unique and enjoyable. But it would be unfair to say that there was nothing we felt could be better. So here are a few points to take note of if you are planning to visit.

  1. The food at the resort tasted okay and vegetarian options were less. The menu was limited too, so food may get boring after a day or two.
  2. The restaurant being close to the lake is breezy. So food gets cold very quickly even before getting to the plate. For buffet, we felt the resort should take steps to keep the dishes hot and fresh longer.
  3. As I said, the Spa is good. But their massage includes applying lots of Ayurvedic oil.  If that makes you uncomfortable, the spa is not for you.
  4. As the resort is isolated from the main town, be ready to spend more on conveyance unless you travel by your own vehicle. The prices for pick up/drop from/to airport or to Kanyakumari town is a tad steep. 

Packing Essentials

  • Kanyakumari is hot and you could get tanned even before you know. So pack a very good sunscreen with high SPF. Hat and sunglasses are a must too. 
  • One or two Swimsuit since you are going to spend a lot of time in the lovely pools
  • Cotton/linen trousers, shirts and shorts are the most comfortable in the hot climate. Throw in a few colourful flowy dresses and an evening gown too.
  • Flip flops or a pair of sandals for walking around 
  • All specific medicines as it is a little farther from town

This is not a sponsored post. Everything mentioned about the resort in this blog has been an excerpt from our own experience.

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