History & Architecture

Maan Singh Mahal

Madhya Pradesh in a week – Itinerary and Travel Tips

Can You Purchase Ambien Online Madhya Pradesh (MP) offers a perfect admixture of Architecture, Nature and Wildlife. Think of regal forts, ancient temples, gushing waterfalls or lush forests – the state has it all. Fondly...


Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal – A glimpse of Karnataka’s rich heritage

https://thistlewoodmanor.com/xddykfx North Karnataka is a treasure trove when it comes to historical sites and monuments. When Hampi is it’s most popular child, the smaller town of Badami is still unknown to...

Mirjan Fort

Day trip to Mirjan Fort – A hidden gem near Gokarna

https://comerparavenceralcancer.com/2022/11/23/yumetto4cq0 When we visited Jog Falls this October, we had an additional day in hand to explore other places. I was just searching for nearby attractions when I stumbled upon Mirjan...